What is #JoyPit?

We are Twitter’s newest pitch contest that’s open to all feel-good lighthearted fiction and non-fiction in all age categories, genres, and authors regardless of where you are and who you are. We provide this platform for authors of completed, polished, query-ready manuscripts to help connect with agents, editors and publishers through a pitch contest!

The date of inaugural event – Jun 1st, 2023

List of Agents, Editors and Independent publishers participating in #JoyPit, click here

Event Guidelines :

Let’s make this simple for everyone.

1. What to put in your pitch?

A 280 word max pitch which must include all your hashtags, including #JoyPit. We recommend to keep the pitch within 260-270 characters.

– Emojis are an awesome way to catch attention.

– Moodboards are recommended, but not mandatory. We find visual cues attract more attention. So, have a good moodboard, but once you get that attention, make sure the pitch is captivating enough for that ❤️. Make sure you don’t use copyright images or AI generated images please. There’s enough free images available to help you make good moodboards.

– Some Agents like bullet points in the pitch, some a concise sentence. Use your best judgment and do what’s most suited for your manuscript. Or you can always make different versions of your pitch.

2. Who can participate?

Criteria for participation is as follows.

– You must be unagented.

– Have a completed, query-ready manuscript. So, when you get that ❤️, you can immediately send your query to the agent/editor/publisher, and grab their attention.

– Your book should fall into the category of light hearted feel-good fiction/non-fiction, which is including but not limited to – Romance, Rom-Coms, Humor, Satire, Speculative, General fiction etc.

The strict No-Nos for #JoyPit are Horror, graphic details of murder or assault or violence, too much blood or gore.

Dark Humor, action, murder mystery, dealing with hard times, health etc., dark magic are all good. They are plot devices that move a story forward. We don’t have any qualms with these.

If you still have questions, just tweet / DM us @JoyPitch

If you have dark themed manuscript, please see #PitDark twitter pitch contest.

And that’s it…..

Participating in JoyPitch :

– Max of 4 pitches per manuscript.

– Only 1 pitch per hour is allowed.

– But you can pitch as many manuscripts as you want to.

– ALT text in images is recommended.

– Use Hashtags judiciously. Every character in your pitch counts.

– Don’t like ❤️ other pitches; those are reserved for agents/ editors/ publishers.

– You may RT /QRT and comment on other pitches for support.


Please use the event hashtag #JoyPit for all pitches.

Please use hashtags from the list below. Select one from age category & one or more from the genre category. You may add others that apply.

AGE CATEGORIES (select only one):

#PB = Picture Book
#C = Children’s
#CB = Chapter Book
#MG = Middle Grade
#YA = Young Adult
#NA = New Adult
#A = Adult


#AC = Action/Adventure
#COA = Coming-of-Age
#CF = Christian Fiction
#CLI = Climate Change
#CON = Contemporary
#CNF = Creative Nonfiction
#CR = Contemporary Romance
#D = Dystopian
#E = Erotica
#EF = Epic/High Fantasy
#F = Fantasy
#FIC = General Fiction
#FTA = Fairy Tale Retelling
#GN = Graphic Novel
#HA = Humor
#HF = Historical Fiction
#HR = Historical Romancee
#LF = Literary Fiction
#MR = Magical Realism
#M = Mystery
#MEM = Memoir
#MYTH = myth/myth retelling
#N = Novella
#NF = Non-fiction
#PM = Poetry Collection
#R = Romance
#RC = Romantic Comedy
#RS = Romantic Suspense
#STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
#SF = SciFi
#SH = Superhero
#SHRT = Short Story Collection
#SPF = Speculative Fiction
#S = Suspense
#SN = Supernatural
#T = Thriller
#TC = True Crime
#TT = Time Travel
#UP = Upmarket
#UF = Urban Fantasy
#W = Western
#WF = Woman’s Fiction

#DIS = Disable MC
#ND = Neurodiverse MC
#OWN = Own Voices
#POC = Author is a Person of Color

Do you still have questions, check out our FAQs here

For Agent and Editor Guidelines


#JoyPit is founded by @author_anima on Twitter, to help have a showcase for feel-good books.

Since there’s already something similar for Dark books i.e. PitDark, we are trying to do something similar but for light-hearted fun books.

and also because we want more fun lit 🤩 to be seen and published.

There are three reasons of #JoyPit

1. Boost the authors of feel-good fiction/non-fiction,

2. Get some fabulous books in front of agents and editors

3. Connect Writers